Reasons why digital signage is important to your business

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Reasons why digital signage is important to your business

Businesses today are a revolving door of continuous technological advancements. Technologies are constantly evolving, and businesses that fail to keep up are gradually sent descending into obscurity.

One such technology that is quickly gaining prominence is digital signage. While traditional print signs have become a mark of advertising for generations, digital screens are fast replacing them, and it is not hard to see why. This blog article exhaustively dissects the reasons for this exponential shift towards digital signages.

Leverage the power of video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures or maybe more. Video amplifies your messages in a way that static advertising can only dream of. They allow you to tell a story and bring a certain level of entertainment that appeases all audience personas. The luxury of video on digital is that it is comparable to having your TV channel; the content options are endless and at the mercy of your creativity. 

Reduced perceived waiting time in queues.

The most frustrating part of queues is the anxiety from having to guess when you are up to be served; even short waits can feel endless and daunting without proper communication. Digital signages help reduce the perceived waiting time by providing information such as the expected wait time, service time and working counters. 

Moreover, digital signages can display entertaining or educative content to help engage waiting customers, especially when they are bored or impatient. This not only reduces frustration but also improves customer satisfaction.

Better interactivity

Interactive digital signages are a near-futuristic invention that makes shopping a magical experience. Picture a customer grabbing a product off a shelf, keying in the product code, and immediately having all the product information at their disposal, just as they would on a website. This information could be anything from dimensions to buying tips, customer reviews, and much more. You can take it a notch higher and let them rate the product/service.

Team communication

Harmonizing communication in any size organization can be a logical nightmare, a nightmare that can be easily resolved by strategically using digital signages in frequented rooms around the office. Rather than sending emails or paper memos, easily Keep your entire team abreast with new product launches, team meetings, changes to HR policies, team building activities, the latest news and much more via digital screens. They are more engaging and likely to grab attention and boost morale compared to text-heavy documents. By pairing digital signages with 3rd party sales tools, sales teams can easily keep track of their rankings on the big screen in real-time. When a deal is closed, everyone knows!

Centralized control

Multi-branch organizations often have offers specific to a certain demographic or location, so Q-SYS digital signage software allows you to create specific content for each branch from a centralized location. For large corporations, controlling your content from one point ensures that brand identity is consistent across multiple touchpoints. 

More attention from passersby

Digital signage’s vibrant, high-quality displays have proven to be highly effective in attracting passersby who may have never entered a brick-and-mortar business. While any display can attract attention, digital signages have a powerful advantage because they leverage motion and dynamic content. They deliver attention-grabbing content that raises the curiosity of passersby.

Brand consistency

While one of the fundamental benefits of digital signage is the capability to quickly and effortlessly implement new sales, offers and projects, it also provides an excellent opportunity to keep branding consistent across locations. This concept equally works in reverse; corporations can quickly retool their marketing efforts without going through the costly process of replacing traditional screens each time. 

Additional opportunities

Digital signages take some time-consuming responsibilities off your employees’ shoulders, letting them focus on increasing customer satisfaction. For instance, by using the screens to display loads of sales information, such as forex rates and upcoming events in healthcare, employees no longer have to repeat this information to every customer. Instead, they can channel their effort towards engaging customers in more meaningful conversations that lead to a loyal customer base.


Digital signage has proven to be a powerful tool for communication, education and driving sales. It acts as an intersection between the physical and digital worlds, effectively making your brick-and-mortar business an extension of the digital experience. 

The possibilities are limitless with the right digital signage solutions. The team at Q-SYS strongly recommend that you reach out to our sales team for more information on how our solution can help improve the customer experience at your location. 


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