Q-SYS Advantages

Taking your business to new heights.

Q-SYS proves beneficial

Q-SYS proves beneficial to both customers as well as the organization by making queue management easy, quick, fair and effective.

Benefits for your Organization

  • Q-SYS works to automatically direct customers to their desired destination taking away the need for human assistance to manage queues leading to lesser administrative efforts.
  • Employees can forecast visitor flow based on a customer’s input. This helps them customize their service accordingly to improve customer-staff interaction.
  • Being able to access real time information of the number of customers on hand and their required needs keeps employees engaged, helps reduce idle time and increases work efficiency. It also leads to lesser transaction time and higher number of transactions ensuring faster processing and lesser waiting time.
  • With the tools Q – SYS provides, it offers a simple and effective way to manage your business efficiently. Its MIS Intelligently converts data into information giving you a wide range of reports, in real time across all branches on staff performance and efficiency, customer in-flow, customer wait time, average service time, review customer feedback etc. with which a strategic plan can be drawn out to improve on your business process.
  • The system has provisions to insert advertisements between token display, which can be used for cross selling or up selling. This can be used for introducing new products and services, and for launching an awareness campaign using an advertising medium leading to generation of additional revenue.
  • Q-SYS follows the basic principles of studying, visualizing and delivering appropriate solutions to clients. The support staff available ensures that users at every level from counter staff to back-office management are well trained and well equipped to handle customers and the services required to the best of their abilities. The product is installed only when users are trained and the solution is tested.

Benefits for your Customers

  • Each individual entered into the system is served fairly and efficiently depending on the service required by the individual.
  • Customers can walk up to the self-help kiosk and identify their requirements and Q – SYS will automatically direct them to their destination.
  • Customers can enjoy the benefits of virtual queuing, perceive their waiting time with the CDU (Counter Display Unit) and LCD units and have the convenience of movement while maintaining their position in the queue.
  • The display solutions provided by Q – SYS can also display content like advertisements which keeps the customers engaged and reduces the perceived overall waiting time.

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