Our Story

Our Story

Every idea starts with a problem, and for us it was Queues. Established in 2016 as part of RIANA Group, Q-SYS’s main mission has been to deliver future-ready Electronic Queue Management Systems and new-generation Customer Experience (CX) solutions to leading organizations across the continent of Africa.

Over the years we have continued to enhance our offering by developing customized solutions to meet the expectations of our clients. From banks and hospitals to United Nations agencies and retail outlets as well as many other industries, we have helped over 100 organizations across Africa to streamline their operations and interactions with their customers.

Our system is more than just a queue management solution; it is a comprehensive, data-led, analytics-driven customer experience portal with thoughtfully designed workflows. We follow a 360º approach to come up with world-class solutions that enable enterprises to reach out and hear from their clients through various touchpoints. From the insights, management teams can make informed decisions and align their services, and offering to meet the expectations of their clients.

At Q-SYS, we are strategic partners for businesses that seek to improve their service turnaround time, staff performance, as well as lay the foundation for excellent customer experience. As our tag line states “manage better” Our vision is to help businesses make the most of every customer visit by delivering greater experiences and improved customer satisfaction.

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