Electronic devices to manage the flow of customers.

intelligent software monitor

With the use of electronic devices to manage the flow of customers in queues, Q-SYS offers industry solutions for the healthcare, retail and finance sectors along with reliable follow-up tools for you.

Q-SYS also employs intelligent software monitor to guide the flow of customers.

  • For healthcare facilities, Q-SYS can address the challenges of enhancing patient experience with patient self check-in.
  • For banks, systematic queuing systems like Q-SYS aids in keeping clients engaged through up sale of services like insurances and home loans. Advertisements and promotional videos played on the screen contribute to better client engagement too.
  • Q-SYS can also be used for utility/ general sectors like Government institutions,Visa officesand other customer service organizations and create a pleasurable customer experiences.

Ticket Generation

Q-SYS employs a customizable ticketing kiosk that dispenses a ticket to the customer based on individual service requirements to enhance queue management. The ticketing kiosks’ hardware can be customized in your theme colors to match the ambience of your outlet. They are available in various models and builds based on their positioning in your branch/outlet. The kiosk takes care of allocating and printing tickets according to the service indicated by the customer. It is also connected to two printers to ensure uninterrupted issue of tickets in case one printer runs out of paper.

In addition, when a customer enters his unique ID number, Q-SYS retrieves data from the database for identification of customer. It then implements the concept of priority ticketing for select customers based on the categories or reasons the customers choose for visiting. Q-SYS also employs multi-lingual ticket calling to enhance customer experience. To further engage the customer, the personalized kiosk ticketing system generates a ticket that mentions the average waiting time and the number of people ahead in the queue for that particular service.

This information reduces the perceived waiting time for customers and provides convenience of movement while still maintaining position in the queue.

Queuing Status

Q-SYS employs the Status Display Unit (SDU) to notify the customer about the waiting information. It displays to the customer his/her queue status and gives a complete view of the queue's progress. It also displays the counter number or counter name based on the preferences and also the ticket number being served.

The SDUunits facilitate comfortable viewing and enhanced content clarity to customers. In addition to queue status notification, the SDU's customizable screen templates are a powerful means of communication, where promotional videos, engaging visual and scroll messages. can be displayed. The variety of digital signage solutions effectively engages the customer and reduces the perceived waiting time.

Q-SYS also consists of the Counter Display Unit (CDU), which notifies the customer about queuing information like the counter number for each customer. Featuring different installation configurations like wall mounting, ceiling suspension or desk fixed, it can be customized to suit your preference. The CDU displays messages either through a multi-directional scrolling effect or through flashing. The CDU is activated when a service representative hits the next button and remains activated for a defined period to save power. When the counter is inactive, the CDU displays OFF or any other customized message.

Ticket Calling

Q-SYS employs a Soft Call Pad to display the queue number and people waiting in queue. It is software that can be installed on any computer. It gives the employee full control of the customers he handles.

The Soft Call Pad can also be used to invoke a number of other functions. Each tabinvokes a function described by the text on the button. In addition, the Soft Call Pad also helps you exchange data with other system's parts.

Some of the functions of the Soft Call Pad:

  • RECALL - recalls the recent queue number
  • CLEAR - clears any input
  • PAUSE - pauses the service and the pause will be displayed
  • PRIORITY Call - allows the user to call a particular number on priority basis
  • TRANSFER - transfers the queue number to another terminal or service

Q-SYS Server

The Q-SYS Server includes the controller and the hub. The controller is the central processor of Q-SYS. It comes with a number of functionalities applicable even for the most challenging environments. It provides a single window for all queuing management functions.

It also features a hub, amplifier, data storage and LAN connectivity. The hub connects all devices to the controller.

Q-SYS provides architecture, security, compliance, manageability and flexibility that enterprises depend upon. With constant monitoring, optimization and server management, we allow you to focus on your business needs while we take care of the rest.

With this kind of server architecture, Q-SYS provides easy access to all your valuable customer flow management information. This use of the latest and most open standards guarantees the future-proof capability of the system, which means it is designed to work for you.

How it Works


Identifies his requirement on the self-help kiosk and request tickets generation


Customer queues virtually through an electronic device


The LCD-SDU (Status Display Unit) Keeps the customer informed about his queue status, and engages him though media promotions and entertainment


The CDU (Counter Display Unit) and LCS-SDU notifies the customer


Helps the staff call the customer in a fair and systematic fashion

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