Q-SYS proves beneficial to both customers as well as the organization by making queue management easy, quick, fair and effective.

Need For Q-SYS Feedback System

  • Customer feedback is vital in contributing to the growth of any enterprise. Feedback is a buyers experience of the given service or product. It helps decision-makers take the right steps to enhance capabilities and make their business prosper. If negative feedback is given for a service or product, decision-makers are able to use their resources to create a solution that tackles the customers problems. If the feedback is positive, the processes to do with the service or product that are approved by customers can be reinforced. The most successful companies across the world thrive on valuable feedback and use the same to grow boundlessly.
  • Q-SYS Feedback System is created intelligently keeping in mind the importance of a customer's experience. Our focus is on hearing valuable customer insights, helping you know more so that you can do more and in turn making your business flourish. It is a cloud-based Feedback and Market Research solution that helps businesses obtain qualitative customer insights for better decisions.
  • Q-SYS offers the means to capture in-store customer-experience data and conduct market research for improving customer experience. It can function as a standalone solution or be integrated with the award-winning Q-SYS Queue Management System, for achieving customer delight.

How Q-Sys Feedback System Works


  • Cloud-based, easy-to-use platform
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Centralized integration with Q-Sys Queue Management System*
  • Multiple insightful reports
  • In-device storage, can be transferred wirelessly
  • Market research functionality


  • Data-driven decisions
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Branch performance insights
  • Individual staff performance appraisal
  • *Optional service add-on

Is the Q-Sys Feedback System for me?

The Q-SYS Feedback System is applicable for all organizations, including those that do not utilize Q-SYS' queue management system. From restaurants, cafes, and eateries, to government offices, banks, and hospitals that cater to walk-in customers, the Q-SYS Feedback System helps you get into the minds of the customers and seek qualitative feedback for specific questions. The Q-SYS Feedback system can be integrated into existing Q-Sys queue management systems as well.

Q-SYS helps you learn more about your customers' experience and aim for customer delight. Talk to us, and we'll help you keep your customers happy!

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