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Queue Management

Queuing is one of the biggest discomforts in stores, hospitals, banks and government institutions, and a structured approach to queuing is expected by a large number of customers and citizens.

An efficient queue management system like Q-SYS helps you control your customer’s experience. It lets you define the way your team handles customers when they visit any of your branches. It also allows your whole organization to work in harmony – no matter how large or complex it is.

With effective organization of queues, you can provide visitors with virtual queuing solutions. Q-SYS covers basic queuing system needs to sophisticated multi-branch enterprise solutions. It also features software and hardware engineered to work together in thousands of installations.

By understanding and tracking the flow of customers, from the time they enter the queue until they receive service, Q-SYS helps you ensure that you deliver the best customer experience.

Display Solutions

Confusion or unclear directions are a waste of time for everyone. By providing your customers with a clear direction, the display solutions employed by Q-SYS help speed up the flow of customers and give customers the confidence that they are moving in the right direction.

Display solutions also reduce communication traffic and increase reliability. With customizable display messages, you can organize the way content is delivered to your customers, and with multiple installation solutions, the display solutions can be customized according to your preference.

The employment of effective display solutions helps you eliminate the stress of having to call out for customers and makes your service more professional, organized and polite.

The challenge for any organization is to get its message across in an engaging manner. Q-SYS helps you connect to your customers by providing beneficial content in a clear and concise manner.

Multilingual Interface

How you communicate with your customer is equally important along with what you communicate. To take advantage of growth opportunities, applications need to cater to globalization trends.

With this objective in mind, Q-SYS employs multi-lingual display solutions to enhance customer experience and help them engage in the interface language they are most comfortable with.

Q-SYS lets you either create interfaces in languages other than the default language or lets individual users change the display language as per their preference. This helps deliver exceptional customer service.

Customer Inputs

Q-SYS features software that helps customers provide inputs according to their preference. This helps them make decisions beneficial to them without having to wait for a representative to take care of it.

Q-SYS also allows inputs of customers to provide marketers and business owners with the insight to improve their business, products and overall customer experience.

By employing a soft call pad connected to the controller, Q-SYS presents customers with a simple way to provide their inputs. These inputs offer clarity about what your customer expects and they can also be used to ensure that the service provided by you is something that solves a customer's problem or fulfills a need.

Through this feature, Q-SYS also gives you an idea of how you can improve customer experience or alter the current customer service according to your customer's requirements.

Virtual Queuing

With the Virtual Queuing app, Q-SYS provides an alternative solution to the traditional queue management systems in the form of an easy-to-use mobile application. Irrespective of where your customers are, they can be aware of the waiting conditions in real time for each of your services with this app.

Using this app, customers can book a virtual ticket in the queue and know the service provider's vacant slot or time of availability. Customers will be assigned a time range indicating when they will be called to the counter. Based on this, they can plan their visit to your outlet, instead of arriving early and being inconvenienced by waiting. Customers can also change their appointment time, postpone it or simply cancel it. This app is available as a web service, dedicated to your company and directly on your mobile device.

Through this app, Q-SYS helps achieve customer loyalty by way of a unique quality service. It also portrays your organization in a modern, professional and distinguished light, and ensures your customers the flexibility to change their call time depending on their preference.

Customers are provided with the freedom to book a virtual ticket without having to be physically present in a queue helping them save time and providing you with customer flow forecast.

Online Reporting System

The Q-SYS Management Information System (MIS) enables the top management to monitor the customer flow (in each branch) and improve customer service. It features a Central Reporting Software that provides real-time information and reporting.

The features of the Q-SYS online reporting systems are:

  • The Q-SYS Central Reporting Software operates on a server machine that connects all branches and retrieves real-time data, which can be accessed by management for performance and efficiency monitoring.
  • The Q-SYS Central Reporting System comprises of Q-SYS Central Configuration Software, Q-SYS Parser and Q-SYS Central Real-Time Monitoring Software.
  • With Q-SYS MIS, a variety of compliance reports can be generated automatically and at regular intervals. These reports help in direct comparison of performance across all registered branches and can be summarized over different time-periods (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly).
  • Q-SYS can generate reports as per your specific goals and regulatory requirements, and achieve parser connectivity with all the branches.

Hands-on Training

The Q-SYS Management Information System (MIS) enables the top management to monitor the customer flow (in each branch) and improve customer service. It features a Central Reporting Software that provides real-time information and reporting.

The features of the Q-SYS hands-on training are:

  • With detailed demonstration and a hands-on guide, Q-SYS ensures a product's installation only after testing the solution and providing systematic training to users.
  • It also allows changes to be made to the work environment after testing.
  • With hands-on training, users can gain valuable knowledge and skills by exploring the tools and combining the visual aspect with the physical aspect of “doing”.
  • It also familiarizes them with the technology being used, brings to light the kind of issues they may run into and most importantly helps them tackle these issues by putting into practice the knowledge gained through the training.

Centralized Management

Q-SYS employs the functionalities of central management, which encompasses the following features:

  • Business users can access, visualize and analyze all customer flow data (e.g. waiting time, transaction time, lost customers, etc.) from one single location to make information-driven decisions that positively affect business performance.
  • With central management, Q-SYS can help you rapidly develop and deploy a secure, scalable, flexible and easy-to-manage systematic business platform.
  • Q-SYS can also help you monitor staff efficiency, compare statistics, classify customers (based on their loyalty, service required, service provided, etc.) and access all functioning branches in real time – a well-organized way to improve customer-staff interaction and business intelligence.
  • Centralized management enables Q-SYS to drive operational excellence with the support of vital data from your operations, provides information to your staff for quick decision-making and integrates with third-party tools for additional analysis.
  • It also increases the power of collaboration by connecting your staff to a multitude of information within seconds.

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