Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

The centralized reporting system provides insights regarding the productivity of the employees, customer waiting time, operator performance, and other quantifiable information that helps businesses identify bottlenecks and recognize areas for improvement. The system also allows decision makers to view data across all branches, which in turn enables them to standardize services and carry out branch-wise analysis and comparison with ease.

The system administrator can access real-time information on queue status, the number of active counters, issued tickets, waiting time information, serving time information, and many other metrics. Benchmark timing for service or waiting can be monitored and a notification is triggered to the system administrator every time this is exceeded.

Q-SYS self-service kiosks are essentially screen devices at fixed points, that customers use to obtain queueing tickets for selected services. It incorporates several advanced features such as form filling, identifying customer priority levels, and advertising contents.

The queue system is very flexible in terms of customization and integration, thanks to our in-house development capacity. This means that we can enhance the system at any time and every stage as per your business requirements. It incorporates built-in web APIs for different modules and many other centralized integrations with multi-channel applications such as Mobile App, web, and other third party applications.

Integrated data leads to intelligent action and that is precisely what our system guarantees. Unified feedback management provides a holistic view of your organization, merging feedback from multiple silos into one platform. This will in turn yield the right insight to guide you to make smart business decisions.

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