Debunking Queue Management Myths

Debunking Queue Management Myths

Are you a victim of the widespread misconception about queue management? Well, research shows that many people have unwarily fallen victim to some of the common untruths about  the subject matter.  A huge chunk has already made up their mind about queue management, and we understand that it takes a lot of convincing to unlearn.

Cut through the fog and check out some myths that have spread across the industry and hopefully you can leverage the knowledge to ensure that your customers user experience is always a positive one.

Queues sort themselves out

A nonchalant approach to queues is the fastest way to go out of business, because unlike polymers or rubber, Queues do not enjoy the same self-fixing privilege. Queue management requires a proactive and definitive approach rather than a casual one.

Any organization that experiences regular traffic needs a solution that predicts and manages its queues. Luckily, software and hardware exist that do this flawlessly and consistently. Queue management systems exist to prevent guesswork while providing practical steps to manage queues better.

More service agents equal faster service

While this seems like simple math, it’s often not reflective of real-world situations; if anything, it’s a mere theoretical fallacy. Faster service means making the most of one service station by making them as efficient as possible.

Businesses can only achieve proper efficiency through adequate and proper allocation of the available resources, which is exactly what a good queue management system does. Implementing a smart solution more than doubles the efficiency of the few available service agents eliminating the need for additional staff.

Virtual queuing doesn’t reduce service times

Some adherents of traditional queues have argued that virtual queues do not actually reduce service times. Their argument is that it takes just as much time to be served. However, the truth is that customers who aren’t stressed out waiting are more focused, more cooperative, and less cranky at the point of service, which makes staff work easier and slashes the service time. Moreover, virtual queues free your employees, letting them focus on service rather than managing queues.

With virtual queuing, perceived waiting times decrease even in instances where the actual wait times do not. To put it simply, virtual customers who do not have to stand in line may not feel like they are waiting for 30 minutes when they can keep themselves occupied. Research has shown that traditional stand-in-line queues make customers overestimate their waiting time by up to 36%.

A long queue is a sign that business is doing well

You must admire the boldness of businesses that claim their long queues are a feature rather than a bug. A queue is about the balance between supply and demand, and long queues are a perfect mirror of your improper strategies; they are a symptom of a bigger systematic problem.

Customers don’t care about queue management

The collapse of many great businesses has been set off by the thought that; just because your product is great, then customers are willing to put up with just anything. Customers today are only one unpleasant queueing experience from ditching your brand because of the magnitude of alternatives at play.

Making your valuable customers wait in avoidable queues is plain rude, and customers can only put up with so much. Abandoned purchases, a decline in sales, and negative reviews are the only denouement of improper queue management.

QMS are expensive to install and maintain

A queue management system is assumed to be an expensive investment; on the contrary, the quantitative return on investment is worth every penny. It helps customers enjoy a better retail experience while making them more inclined to visit again.

Besides the occasional change of paper rolls, Q-SYS requires little to no maintenance. The solution is also modular and can easily be taken apart should the need for maintenance or servicing arise. We also offer lease option which makes the investment minimal and allows  for multi branch roll out


Technology is changing queue management from a customer experience & traffic management function to a core business driver of sales. Choosing to believe myths rather than statistical research is akin to directing traffic to your competitors. Implement Q-SYS today and join the hundreds of businesses already taking a proactive approach to queue management.

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