Changing Face of Queuing: Living with the New Normal

Changing Face of Queuing: Living with the New Normal

The world today looks, thinks and behaves differently as compared to 6 months ago. COVID-19 has initiated changes across sectors and impacted lifestyles and livelihoods. These changes are a direct result of high transmission risk through contact and close exposure to COVID-19 infected individuals.

Businesses are striving to restart operations from their commercial spaces as opposed to the virtual. However, the threat from the virus still looms large, and is here to stay until a vaccine is available.

In these challenging times, it is imperative for businesses to adapt to the new normal to function with minimal risk. For businesses in the non-service sector, the risk is primarily for employees, and the potential few visitors. However, for the service sector, the risk is two-fold, with employees and patrons being at risk due to unavoidable direct transactions.

In this scenario, streamlining crowds through optimal queues becomes critical for social distancing, especially in service organizations. Employing a queue management system facilitates a positive transaction experience for both patrons and staff, since there is no worry about overcrowded spaces or unnecessary contact.

The following are some of the features of a queue management system that are in the spotlight for their functionality to aid social distancing and minimize contact during these COVID times.

1. Virtual Queues
As the name suggests, virtual queues facilitate waiting sans lining up and elbow jostling in physical queues. With a queue management system, patrons are allotted staggered time slots and receive notifications regarding their status in the queue.

Patrons can check the queue length and their position in the queue and plan their visit accordingly. This results in minimized waiting time and reduced crowds, and in turn minimal exposure.

2. Contactless Ticket Generation
Once inside your facility, customers or patrons can collect their tickets from the reception without swiping or using touchscreen kiosks. This contactless ticket generation eliminates multiple customers touching the same surfaces repeatedly, a potential risk in coronavirus transmission.

Likewise, employees need not worry about being in contact with surfaces touched by multiple customers or patrons.

3. Customization
The queue management system can be customized based on the industry in which your business functions (for e.g., retail service), your business offering, your business location(s), business size, etc.

Additionally, Counter Display Units can be tailored to share and display COVID-19-related messages, safety notifications or new guidelines adopted by your center in lieu of the pandemic.

Adapting is the first step to surviving. We at Q-SYS have customized our queue management systems to meet the present day challenges to support your business during the new normal. Learn more with us.

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