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Changing Face of Queuing: Living with the New Normal

The world today looks, thinks and behaves differently as compared to 6 months ago. COVID-19 has initiated changes across sectors and impacted lifestyles and livelihoods. These changes are a direct result of high transmission risk through contact and close exposure ...
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How Can Digital Signage Improve Queue Management

While customers are waiting in queues, they mostly have little else to do apart from, well, wait. And for the new-gen customers who thrive on instant gratification, waiting is frustrating – be it in banks, retail stores, government offices, or other ...
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Queue Management System Trends 2020

Customers are constantly evolving and so are customer experiences. The new-gen customer clearly knows product/service features beforehand, is finicky about value for money and thrives on instant gratification. If customer was king all these years, the crown now rests on ...
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5 Reasons Why Queue Management is Important

Ever had a bad experience waiting in a queue? Be it someone jumping the queue or getting serviced before turn, you likely remember how enraged you were at the incident. While the specifics might fade over time, how you felt ...
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