Queue Management System

Queuing is one of the biggest discomforts in stores, hospitals, banks and government institutions, and a structured approach to queuing is expected by a large number of customers and citizens.

An efficient queue management system like Q-SYS helps control your customer's experience. It lets you define the way your team handles customers when they visit your business place.


How Q-SYS helps your business

It also allows your whole organization to work in harmony – no matter how large or complex it is. With effective organization of queues, you can provide visitors with virtual queuing solutions. Q-SYS covers basic queuing system needs to sophisticated multi-branch enterprise solutions. It also features software and hardware engineered to work together in multiple installations. By understanding and tracking the flow of customers, from the time they enter the queue until they receive service, Q-SYS helps you ensure that you deliver the best customer experience.


Q-SYS features customer waiting time management, front-desk performance management, digital signage and real-time performance monitoring and reporting for strategic management purposes. With the tools Q-SYS provides, you acquire real-time access to performance metrics such as customer in flow, customer wait time, average service time, employee efficiency and customer feedback.

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