Virtual Queuing

Virtual Queuing

With the Virtual Queuing app, Q-Sys provides an alternative solution to the traditional queue management systems in the form of an easy-to-use mobile application. Irrespective of where your customers are, they can be aware of the waiting conditions in real timeĀ for each of your services with this app.

Using this app, customers can book a virtual ticket in the queue and know the service provider's vacant slot or time of availability. Customers will be assigned a time range indicating when they will be called to the counter. Based on this, they can plan their visit to your outlet, instead of arriving early and being inconvenienced by waiting. Customers can also change their appointment time, postpone it or simply cancel it. This app is available as a web service, dedicated to your company and directly on your mobile device.

Through this app, Q-Sys helps achieve customer loyalty by way of a unique quality service. It also portrays your organization in a modern, professional and distinguished light, and ensures your customers the flexibility to change their call time depending on their preference.

Customers are provided with the freedom to book a virtual ticket without having to be physically present in a queue helping them save time and providing you with customer flow forecast.