Ticket generation System & Management

Ticket Generation

Q-Sys employs a customizable ticketing kiosk that dispenses a ticket to the customer based on individual service requirements to enhance queue management. The ticketing kiosks’ hardware can be customized in your theme colors to match the ambience of your outlet. They are available in various models and builds based on their positioning in your branch/outlet.

The kiosk takes care of allocating and printing tickets according to the service indicated by the customer. It is also connected to two printers to ensure uninterrupted issue of tickets in case one printer runs out of paper.

In addition, when a customer enters his unique ID number, Q-Sys retrieves data from the database for identification of customer. It then implements the concept of priority ticketing for select customers based on the categories or reasons the customers choose for visiting.

Q-Sys also employs multi-lingual ticket calling to enhance customer experience. To further engage the customer, Q-Sys displays promotional messages or upcoming products to stimulate curiosity among customers.

The personalized kiosk ticketing system reduces waiting time for customers and provides convenience of movement while still maintaining position in the queue.