Queue Display System

Queuing Status

Q-Sys employs the Status Display Unit (SDU) to notify the customer about the waiting information. It displays to the customer his queue status and gives him a complete view of the queue's progress. It also displays the counter number and the ticket number being served.

The SDU allows connection to a standard LED display unit, facilitating comfortable viewing and enhanced content clarity to customers. In addition to queue status notification, the SDU's customizable screen templates are a powerful media of communication, where promotional messages, engaging visuals, etc. can be displayed. This reduces the stress and perceived waiting time for the customer in queue.

Q-Sys also consists of the Counter Display Unit (CDU), which notifies the customer about queuing information like the counter number for each customer.

Featuring different installation configurations like wall mounting, ceiling suspension or desk fixed, it can be customized to suit your preference. The CDU displays messages either through a multi-directional scrolling effect or through flashing.

The CDU is activated when a service representative hits the next button and remains activated for a defined period to save power. When the counter is inactive, the CDU displays OFF or any other customized message.