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Company Profile

Q-Sys Ltd. is a Group Company of Reliance Solutions specializing in electronic queue management systems. We employ our vast experience in the service sectors in East Africa to understand the requirement and help our clients to serve their customers better. Our solutions range from Smart Surveillance, Technology Integration, including Core Banking Solution (CBS) and Business Fulfillment Services.

We specialize in advanced electronic security solutions for robust security and are a dedicated technology partner to our customers. From enhancing the customer journey to collecting customer insights, Q-Sys enables better customer experiences resulting in brand loyalty and superior customer satisfaction.


"Our vision is to realize the full potential of automating queues for the benefit of the customers, employees and organization. We hope to be pioneers in the most advanced queue management technology by delivering customizable solutions to our clients. Our continual goal is to ensure a smooth customer journey through engaging online channels."


"Our mission is to empower businesses to control and manage queues across all customer-centric segments. By creating an engaging customer journey and building a strong brand value, we enhance customer experience and strengthen our bond with them. Q-Sys provides a software platform to help businesses and customers make informed business decisions and implement more effective digital business strategies."