Online Reporting System

Online Reporting System

The Q-SYS Management Information System (MIS) enables the top management to monitor the customer flow (in each branch) and improve customer service. It features a Central Reporting Software that provides real-time information and reporting.

The features of the Q-SYS online reporting systems are:
  • The Q-Sys Central Reporting Software operates on a server machine that connects all branches and retrieves real-time data, which can be accessed by management for performance and efficiency monitoring.
  • The Q-Sys Central Reporting System comprises of Q-Sys Central Configuration Software, Q-Sys Parser and Q-Sys Central Real-Time Monitoring Software.
  • With Q-Sys MIS, a variety of compliance reports can be generated automatically and at regular intervals. These reports help in direct comparison of performance across all registered branches and can be summarized over different time-periods (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly).
  • Q-Sys can generate reports as per your specific goals and regulatory requirements, and achieve parser connectivity with all the branches.