Qsys - Higher Administration Effectiveness

Higher Administration Effectiveness

Q-Sys enables you to plan and manage your resources. It also lets you determine at any time which staff member is available to respond to a customer's request as quickly as possible. Most importantly, Q-Sys features a central reporting system that brings together the performance of several branches under one umbrella.

With the tools Q-Sys provides, you acquire real-time access to performance metrics such as customer in-flow, customer wait time, average service time and employee efficiency.

Q-Sys also features a smart Management Information System (MIS) that presents the KPIs in graphical illustrations, providing prompt business intelligence for streamlining your operations.

The status reports generated by Q-Sys also empowers your business with data that can be used to set and track new KPIs. In addition, you can monitor employee and branch performance, reflect on a customer's valuable feedback and improve your business process.

With strategic deployment of business promotions, Q-Sys enables you to capture the attention of prospective customers.