Hands on Training

Hands-on Training

Q-Sys follows the basic principles of studying, visualizing and delivering appropriate solutions to clients. With trained that offer customized solutions and train users on the product usage, Q-Sys ensures users are trained at every level from counter staff to back-office management.

Q-Sys employs the following features of hands-on training:
  • With detailed demonstration and a hands-on guide, Q-Sys ensures a product's installation only after testing the solution and providing systematic training to users.
  • It also allows changes to be made to the work environment after testing.
  • With hands-on training, users can gain valuable knowledge and skills by exploring the tools and combining the visual aspect with the physical aspect of “doing”.
  • It also familiarizes them with the technology being used, brings to light the kind of issues they may run into and most importantly helps them tackle these issues by putting into practice the knowledge gained through the training.