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With the following features, Q-Sys empowers your business:
  • Q-Sys monitors the pattern of customer flow and provides innovative solutions for effective customer waiting time management.
  • Q-Sys studies customer patterns
  • Q-Sys effectively helps you understand the dynamics of a customer's visit and ultimately his experience.
  • Q-Sys compares performance across all registered branches/outlets.
  • Q-Sys generates a variety of reports that can be summarized over different time period.
  • Q-Sys provides information about the parser connectivity with the branches.
  • Queue Management

    It emphasizes the importance of planning and monitoring every customer's visit, and capturing data at each point of contact with a staff member or at a self-service point to manage operations and drive efficiency.

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  • Display Solutions

    Q-Sys employs the use of electronic devices and intellectual software to promote your business.

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  • Multilingual Interface

    Q-Sys caters to a wide range of customers through multilingual interface.

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  • Customer Inputs

    Q-Sys allows inputs of customers to provide marketers and business owners with the insight to improve their business.

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