Qsys – Easy-to-view Reports

Easy-to-view Reports

Q-Sys features a central easy-to-view reporting system that monitors the performance across all branches of an organization. These reports generated by Q-Sys empower your business by providing accurate data that enable you to improve, add or delete processes as required.

Q-Sys also provides reports that reflect the data for customer interaction, for example if a customer fails to turn up or if a customer has been waiting to be served for a long time.

Q-Sys lets you generate the following reports as per your requirements:
  • Q-Sys Central Reports for direct comparison of performance across all registered branches.
  • Q-Sys Branch Reports for a variety of reports that can be generated and summarized over different time-periods (hourly ,daily, weekly, monthly or yearly). These also include summary reports, category reports, operator attendance reports, exception reports and additional reports.
  • Database Reports to provide exceptions with a threshold limit.
  • Connectivity Status Reports to provide information about the parser connectivity with the branches.