Centralized Management

Centralized Management

Q-Sys employs the functionalities of central management, which encompasses the following features:
  • Business users can access, visualize and analyze all customer flow data (e.g. waiting time, transaction time, lost customers, etc.) from one single location to make information-driven decisions that positively affect business performance.
  • With central management, Q-Sys can help you rapidly develop and deploy a secure, scalable, flexible and easy-to-manage systematic business platform.
  • Q-Sys can also help you monitor staff efficiency, compare statistics, classify customers (based on their loyalty, service required, service provided, etc.) and access all functioning branches in real time – a well-organized way to improve customer-staff interaction and business intelligence.
  • Centralized management enables Q-Sys to drive operational excellence with the support of vital data from your operations, provides information to your staff for quick decision-making and integrates with third-party tools for additional analysis.
  • It also increases the power of collaboration by connecting your staff to a multitude of information within seconds.